Blues Drive Amelia

I'm Amelia! I'm a robot puppy magical girl (though mostly robot in design) :3This site is a personally run hub of information about me! You can find information about myself, links to accounts of mine, information about the content I make, and more! The most notable thing I do is live streaming on Twitch as a 3D VTuber.

My Fediverse Accounts

I started using the fediverse around April 2022. I've had a number of accounts because I'm a chronic instance hopper and most of those old accounts are completely deleted. This is a list of all the accounts that I have online.





I do live-streaming with a virtual avatar on Twitch. There's a full archive of VODs on my VOD YouTube channel and there's a video channel where I uploaded my non-stream video content.

Chat Rules

  • Be 18+. Inappropriate content is not a focus but will be freely discussed.

  • Be kind to other viewers and Amelia. Banter mindfully. Consider other's feelings and do not spread negativity unnecessarily.

  • Stay on topic and match the tone. Keep in mind this is a live-stream, not personal messaging with Amelia.

  • Do not mention any identifying information of Amelia that is not stated on her website.

  • Do not self-promote without permission and do not ask permission in this chat.

  • No spoilers for anything unless it's explicitly permitted by Amelia.

  • Use English.


I have a writings (blog-like) site where I've written about a cover of topics in a variety of formats. Most of the writings are about media like shows, music, and games. There's around ~130 writings on the site, going back to 2017. They vary significantly in length and depth and so on and so forth. I post new things to it occasionally. You can subscribe to it via RSS. I also post a bunch of my personal fediverse account. I typically archive the better posts I make on my writings site.


You can send me money via Ko-Fi! You can do a one-time tip or you can set a tip to recur monthly.I am not engaged or really able to be engaged with anything that would give me an income, I generally have limited access to money at all, and I'm in a distressing living situation so any financial support is genuinely and fully appreciated.

About Me


Name: Amelia. Amy and/or Ame is only preferred if I am personally familiar with someone.
Age: 22 years old.
Pronouns: She/her.
Gender: Girl :3
Sexuality: Finflexible, monogamous.
Area: United States of America, eastern timezone.

  • Only knows English

  • Not religious or spiritual

  • A democratic socialist

  • Has a dog

I describe myself as a “robot puppy magical girl” on some of my profiles. This isn’t fully reflected in my VTuber design (and isn’t supposed to be) but is descriptive of me as a person! Here’s some tidbits on each aspect:Robot: I often think of my brain and body processes and functions in computer terms rather than human terms. I consider myself a decently logical thinking person. I’m not sure of my feelings on if I’d want to be a cyborg or not, but I think the concept and robots are really cool.
Puppy: I’m clingy, affectionate, loyal, and excitable. There’s more to say here but I need to figure out how to say it in more… non-lewd ways, lol.
Magical Girl: Cute as heck. Bright cutesy colors, frilly clothes, the cute personalities, all of ittt.

My Media


I watch TV shows, movies, and animation. My preferred "medium" being animation. I like philosophical, thoughtful, introspective kind of anime for the most part. I generally don't like slice of life, cute girls doing cute girls, or comedy. My favorite anime, and thing in the universe, is FLCL (2000). Some of my other favorite anime are Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Monogatari, Land of the Lustrous, and Kyousougiga!


I'm very inconsistent with which games I play and how much. My favorite by far is The World Ends With You and is up there behind FLCL as one of my favorite things ever.


The Pillows are easily my favorite music artist of all time. There's a number of other artists I like but it's pretty variable. I mostly enjoy Japanese rock.

My Persona: AM-BOT

This design is serves as a representation of myself for my online visual identity.

Design Information

Apparent Age: Early 20s
Height: 5'10 ft / 178 cm
Species: Robot
Skin: Metallic and soft
References: The reference sheet is the primary character reference except for the skin color, where dotpapercrowndot's model has the canon color.
Details of Note (easy to miss): Painted nails, heart nose, joint lines on fingers



Character Design & Reference Sheet: ZoeyVoid
3D Model: Dotpapercrowndo
3D Hat Model: Dyenome
Backgrounds: OKUMONO



Character Design: SujiSaur
3D Model: Dotpapercrowndo
PNG Model: CheddyJu
Stream Graphics: DannaCasio
Logo: ChocooMint10


Stream Graphics | 2023-06-21: camiperez845

The Slime Princess

3D Refresh | 2022-11-17

3D Model: windwakinlink + edited by me
Skin Texture:
Bra & Panties:
Stream Graphics: DannaCasio
Logo: ChocooMint10

Initial | 2022-09-15

Character Design & Live2D Model: Drawing_Peach
Model Rigging: kaoirui
Stream Graphics: DannaCasio
Logo: ChocooMint10
Background Music: DarkMelodies

Contact Info

For bussiness related inquiries and/or questions or anything in that realm, email me!